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Her first day of fly fishing school in the Smoky Mountains and she does it like a pro. 

Her first trout was a 20 to 24 inch trophy Rainbow, it tested her tippet and won. This was revenge. 

Her first trout while learning to fly fish on Snowbird creek.

Fly fishing Big Snowbird Creek for Fall Rainbow Trout. 

life is not fair when your first trout on a fly is a trophy Rainbow. 

Murphy, North Carolina,Hiawassee ,Blairs
Franklin, Murphy, North Carolina,Hiawass
 In 2016 Smoky Mountains Fly Fishing School was chosen by the Honda Corporation to set up a location to film a commercial for their new jet. We set them up on an island in the Little Tennessee River and train the actors to properly cast a fly rod.
North Carolina,Hiawassee ,Blairsville, H
Hiawassee ,Blairsville, Hayesville, Clay
Hiawassee ,Blairsville, Hayesville, Clay
Franklin,Hiawassee ,Blairsville, Hayesvi
Hiawasse, North Carolina including Robbi
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